[M. Smut, Pwp. 5.7k w] – When Kyungsoo accepts a reckless dare, he soon realizes, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Red and White

[PG-13. Angst. 9.9k w] – Jongin came into his life like a firework; bright, sparkly and loud, illuminating his darkened world in shades of red.


[PG. Fluff, Romance. 7k w] – Due to work, Jongin and his husband haven’t been hanging out too much. After weeks of planning, Jongin finally gets to take Kyungsoo on a surprise vacation.


[M. Smut, Pwp. 3.5k w] – Kai is a stripper and Kyungsoo is a patron who frequently visits his strip club. Kyungsoo invites Kai over for a night of pleasure, leaving out a few details along the way.


[M. Smut, Pwp. 2.4k w] – Sequel to Acquiesce.


[M. Smut, Pwp. 2.7k w] – Kyungsoo is a phone sex operator, who gets a call from a provocative customer.


[M. Smut, Pwp. 4.4k w] – Sequel to Imagine.

Can I? 

[PG-13. Romance. 4.4k w] – Kyungsoo was ridiculed and wanted someone to defend him when he failed to do so himself. Jongin was a coward, who grew tired of always turning a blind eye.




[M. Action, Adventure, Amnesia, Angst, Future au, Mystery, Romance, Thriller. Completed] – A journey awaits Kyungsoo as he finds himself stranded in alien terrain with no memories. His discoveries on this unknown planet are more than what he bargained for…

The Woes Of The Heart 

[M. Angst, Slice of Life. 5 chapters. Completed] – Unrequited love is an infinite curse.


[PG-13. Romance, Comedy. 8 Chapters. Ongoing] – Kyungsoo, the new guy in school, is smitten with the number one athlete and salutatorian, Kim Jongin. Due to his past, he simply wants to lead a quiet social life. But when he allows his infatuation to get the better of him, everything changes.

Susceptible to You

[M. Angst, College!au. Prologue + 16 Chapters + 2 Epilogues. Completed] – Teacher-student relationships have always been prohibited, but Kyungsoo could care less. When the young, punk, sex-god is challenged to seduce his straitlaced professor, he may get more than what he bargained for along the way.

Yielding to Temptation

[M. Angst, Smut. 7 chapters. Ongoing] – Kyungsoo, the vice-captain of his high school basketball team, discovers a secret about the school’s most promising student, Kim Jongin. What he thought would be simple, initiates a game of deception, betrayal, and sabotage.