[M. Smut, Pwp. 5.7k w]
When Kyungsoo accepts a reckless dare, he soon realizes, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.
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Red and White
[PG-13. Angst. 9.9k w]
Jongin came into his life like a firework; bright, sparkly and loud, illuminating his darkened world in shades of red.
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[PG. Fluff, Romance. 7k w]
Due to work, Jongin and his husband haven’t been hanging out too much. After weeks of planning, Jongin finally gets to take Kyungsoo on a surprise vacation.
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[M. Smut, Pwp. 3.5k w]
Kai is a stripper and Kyungsoo is a patron who frequently visits his strip club. Kyungsoo invites Kai over for a night of pleasure, leaving out a few details along the way.
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[M. Smut, Pwp. 2.6k w]
Sequel to Acquiesce.
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[M. Smut, Pwp. 2.7k w]
Kyungsoo is a phone sex operator, who gets a call from a provocative customer.
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[M. Smut, Pwp. 4.4k w]
Sequel to Imagine.
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Can I? 
[PG-13. Romance. 4.4k w]
Kyungsoo was ridiculed and wanted someone to defend him when he failed to do so himself. Jongin was a coward, who grew tired of always turning a blind eye.
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The Woes Of The Heart 
[M. Angst, Slice of Life. 5 chapters. Completed]
Unrequited love is an infinite curse.
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[PG-13. Romance, Comedy. 8 Chapters. Ongoing]
Kyungsoo, the new guy in school, is smitten with the number one athlete and salutatorian, Kim Jongin. Due to his past, he simply wants to lead a quiet social life. But when he allows his infatuation to get the better of him, everything changes.
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Susceptible to You
[M. Angst, College!au. Prologue + 16 Chapters + 2 Epilogues. Completed]
Teacher-student relationships have always been prohibited, but Kyungsoo could care less. When the young, punk, sex-god is challenged to seduce his straitlaced professor, he may get more than what he bargained for along the way.
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Yielding to Temptation
[M. Angst, Smut. 7 chapters. Ongoing]
Kyungsoo, the vice-captain of his high school basketball team, discovers a secret about the school’s most promising student, Kim Jongin. What he thought would be simple, initiates a game of deception, betrayal, and sabotage.
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